ClickBank Thank You Page & Query String Parameters

I wanted to become a vendor and sell my product via ClickBank, but couldn't get my Thank You page to work with ClickBank's infernal "query string parameters." If you're in the same situation, perhaps the easy, inexpensive solution I came upon will work for you, too. Sure, you could spend hundreds of dollars every year for ClickBank's "Builder" product/service or a programmer. But if you can already create your own Web site for your product and want an alternative to wasting a lot of money on ClickBank's Builder product or consultants every year, here's a possible solution.  

First, you can create your own Web sites fairly easily by paying a web hosting company to host your products' Web sites and using one of their tools to build your Web site. (A lot of Web hosting companies provide easy-to-use Web site building tools similar to ClickBank's Builder as part of their web hosting service.) I did that via the hosting company Arvixe, but there are also some others to choose from that charge a fraction of what you'd pay for ClickBank's Builder each year. I've found that Arvixe's Web hosting service came with many features and functions that ClickBank's Builder service lacks. But eventually Arvixe's customer support worsened and I switched to a much better Web hosting provider. I go into that and features to consider in my review of good and bad Web site hosts.

As ClickBank mentions in the section on Passing Data at, they send "query string parameters" to your Thank You page after every purchase of your product. Don't know what "query string parameters" are? Well, I didn't either and thus I couldn't get my Thank You page to work with ClickBank's system. That meant I couldn't get my product approved to sell via ClickBank! It was very frustrating and ClickBank's support personnel just told me that they can't help with that and suggested I hire a programmer. I thought there had to be a better, more efficient, and less expensive way to solve that problem.  

After hours of researching it, I determined that you have to use PHP (I know, more gibberish) to get your Web site's Thank You page to work with ClickBank's query string parameters. I did not want to spend dozens or hundreds of hours learning PHP and how to apply it to my Thank You pages. 

Thank goodness I was able to find a PHP software product that solves the problem for far less money. And unlike ClickBank Builder, it's only a one-time charge, not a recurring annual charge. It also provides the benefits of automated thank you emails to buyers and protects your products from thievery and unauthorized distribution! I was able to easily and quickly follow its simple installation instructions to upload its files to my Web site. Now my product's Thank You page works perfectly with ClickBank and my product files are protected! I am quite relieved that I found a simple, inexpensive solution to this roadblock to being a ClickBank vendor. So for those of you in the same situation, I hope these tips are of some insight. You can get more info on or buy the Thank You page protector software I used here. Just so you know, at the time of this writing, their sales page for their product isn't all that pretty (and may not ever be, considering that they've been offering it for years)—but the product worked so well for me that I am happy with my purchase and wanted to pass on this information. If this was of some help to you, I welcome you to shoot me an email. Best wishes with your Thank You page and your success with ClickBank. 

Later I Found A Superior Solution

Eventually I moved on from that CB Thank You Page Protector PHP script to a WordPress plugin to create membership sites. It provides much more benefits and functionality than the PHP script. The membership site WordPress plugin is called InstaMember. It works well both for membership products as well as one time purchases.

First I compared it to other membership site WordPress plugins. Many of those plugins didn't work with ClickBank. Or they worked with ClickBank but not the other affiliate networks I like to use, like JVZoo, or the payment processor PayPal. So InstaMember was more versatile in that respect. But it also had more features and options than the other membership site WordPress plugins did. And it was less expensive than most of the others!

Though InstaMember seemed a bit complex at first, I think that's true of any powerful membership site WordPress plugin. And InstaMember's tutorials and support were very good. So I was able to master it out without any major trouble. And once I got the hang of it, I was able to add new products to it and integrate them with payment processors easily.

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