Online Advertising Campaign Organizer

Have you ever thought you could use an online advertising campaign organizer? If you’re running online advertising campaigns and aren’t using an organizer to track them, you almost certainly should be. I created an online advertising campaign organizer, use it regularly, and don’t know why I was ever running advertising campaigns without it.


Before you assume that there’s no need for an online advertising campaign organizer, allow me to dispel that misunderstanding.


When you run an online advertising campaign, you need to monitor your results. You already knew that much, right? You want to ensure that your advertising campaign is getting you the results that you intend. Whether your objective is new subscribers, sales, followers, or viewers, you want to ensure your online advertising campaign is delivering them to you.


But just because you can see that your online advertising campaign is getting you the results you want doesn’t mean you should stop there. For best results—and certainly to maximize your profits—you need to do further analysis.

Common Online Advertising Mistakes

I’ve commonly seen those new to online advertising set up an advertising campaign and target their audience with care. But they stop there. And if after a few days or weeks they see that it hasn’t worked well for them, they terminate it and give up on it. They never bother to:

  • Create multiple ad groups within that campaign
  • Run multiple campaigns with different targeted audiences
  • Try different bids
  • Use various caps on ad impressions or views over time
  • Try different advertising platforms/media
  • Run multiple different ads within each ad group concurrently to split test them against each other (this is hugely important for maximizing your conversions and lowering your cost)


Fail to do the above and you’re almost guaranteed to waste money. And it’s highly unlikely you’ll even make a profit. Yet that’s how most newbies (even ClickBank University members) engage in online advertising campaigns!


How To Track Your Online Advertising Campaigns

That’s where your online advertising campaign organizer comes in. At first I just used my computer’s calendar to track my online advertising campaigns. I’d enter an event on the calendar whenever I’d make a change to a campaign, ad group, or ad. I’d make notes in each entry as to what change I made and why I made it. But that approach was very inefficient.


Then it dawned on me that I could use a spreadsheet for this purpose. I have Microsoft Excel and was already adept at using it. For simple uses like this, it’s even pretty easy for newbies to use. And for those of you who don’t have it (and don’t want to pay hundreds of $ for it), you may be able to use the free spreadsheet application at—which is actually compatible with Microsoft Excel files.


Using a spreadsheet intelligently to track your online advertising campaigns in this way enables you to:

  • Keep all the information in one file with no other information to clutter or detract from it
  • Gather data from multiple different advertising media and campaigns in one place
  • Filter and sort your data
  • Perform faster, more effective analysis
  • Eliminate the confusion of what’s working and what’s not working
  • Keep yourself from making the same advertising mistakes repeatedly
  • Quicken your arrival at profit (sales isn’t sufficient—you want profit!)
  • Maximize your return on investment


The Online Advertising Campaign Organizer I Use

If you’d like to use the Excel spreadsheet I created and use as an online advertising campaign organizer, you can purchase it for a mere $2 here. I even include some sample text in it to illustrate how you might use it. But if you would rather create your own online advertising campaign organizer from scratch, here are my tips for some fields to include in it:

  • Date
  • Advertising platform/medium (e.g. Google AdWords, FaceBook)
  • Campaign name
  • Ad group name
  • Ad name
  • What change you made
  • Notes (e.g. why you made the change, what analysis you performed, the date range involved)


I hope this has given you some insight and motivation to maximize your profit from online advertising campaigns using an organizer!