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I split-tested an email opt-in Web page. One variation of the page achieved a rate of converting visitors to subscribers of 57%. That's quite high. But get this: the other variation of that page achieved a conversion rate of 100%!

I kid you not. And in this article, I'll explain some of the elements of the page that contributed to that 100% conversion rate so that you can apply these principles to your email opt-in pages.

First, let's take a look at that page. Then I'll discuss the elements of it that made it so successful. But please don't make the mistake of duplicating this page. If you simply copy all its text, images, and the email course the page offers, it will not work as well for either of us. So don't duplicate it. Instead, learn from the principles I explain and apply them to your own email opt-in pages offering your own freebies relevant to your niche.


On the above email opt-in page, I used a number of principles to optimize the opt-in rate (conversion) rate:

  • My image and title on the page correlated with the image and title from the video that people saw before they clicked on the link to arrive at this opt-in page. Such congruency is critical to preserve and strengthen visitors' trust.
  • What I was offering was personal. I communicated that I had personal experience with what the visitor was concerned with.
  • I listed a few benefits the visitor could expect to obtain by opting into my email list. A few, but not too many. And the benefits were specific and compelling for the visitors.
  • Rather than telling someone to provide their email address to get a "report" or "video" or something they could get without providing their email address, I offered a course whose lessons are delivered by email. That way the visitor understands, "Oh, I have to provide my email address to get this content I want. I can't obtain it otherwise."
  • The page is uncluttered and free of distracting elements.
  • The page makes clear what the visitor is to do and how to do it.
  • The page has one and only one purpose and function: to direct the visitor to opt into my email list.
  • It is very clear what the subscriber will get and how they will get it.
  • On an email opt-in page I had previously published, I found that adding a countdown timer improved the conversion rate of visitors to subscribers from about 30% to 40%. But on this latest page I created, adding a countdown timer boosted the conversion rate from 57% to 100%! 
  • The page displays all elements clearly and fully on all devices (computers, smartphones, tablets, etc.)
  • I used headlines, bold fonts, big check marks in a list, and other elements to make it all clear and easy for a visitor to process the information and instructions.
  • See that "And much more..." phrase at the end of my list of benefits to the subscriber? That piques their interest and eagerness. Don't copy the rest of my text, but feel free to use that, "And much more..." phrase if you like. But if you do, be sure that you do deliver much more to the subscriber. Failing to deliver what you promised destroys their trust in you. 

But there's one key element on that email opt-in page that made a huge difference. It was the countdown timer. I have it start counting down from around 39 minutes. That's not too long nor too short. 

How do I know that? I split-tested two variations of that opt-in page. They were identical except for variation A had no countdown timer and variation B did have the countdown timer. Take a look at the split test results over a two month period!

If you're curious what I used to create those email opt-in pages and split tests, I'll reveal that now. First, I use WordPress to create my Web pages and sites. It's free and it's popular for many reasons. But the key tool I used was a WordPress plugin called InstaBuilder 2.0. It is intuitive and easy to use. You don't need to know or use any coding or strange programming language. It's drag and drop simple and easy. It enables you to create versatile, powerful, successful sales pages, opt-in pages, affiliate pages, and other Internet marketing related pages with easeā€”and with great results, as this data shows. You can learn more about it and get it yourself if you like at Instabuilder 2.0's Web site

I hope you gained some insights and methods you can apply to your own email opt-in pages. Perhaps you can even apply some of these principles to your sales pages! Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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