How To Make Money With ClickBank

In this article I’ll explain how to make money with ClickBank. Let’s start with a really quick introduction to ClickBank. It’s essentially an affiliate marketing network that is free to join. You can make money as either a vendor or an affiliate. If you’re a vendor, that means that you have a product to sell via ClickBank. If you’re an affiliate, that means that you make money by promoting ClickBank vendors’ products.  

Let’s delve into each of those ways to make money with ClickBank separately. First, let’s cover vendors. Vendors have a product or multiple products that they sell via their Web sites. ClickBank doesn’t provide those Web sites. The vendors have to create their own Web sites, with their own domains. (Domains are essentially Web site addresses, such as or The vendors use custom links that ClickBank provides to them. The vendors then insert those links in their Web pages. Buyers can click on those links, which takes them to ClickBank’s site where they pay for their purchase.  

The other way to make money with ClickBank is as an affiliate. Affiliates of ClickBank choose one or more vendors’ products to promote. ClickBank provides custom affiliate links to each affiliate that are tied to that affiliate’s account and that specific product the affiliate has chosen to promote. When someone clicks on that affiliate link, they’re taken to the vendor’s Web site where they can purchase the product. If they do purchase the product, ClickBank automatically pays the affiliate a commission for that sale. It’s actually the vendors that set their own affiliate commission rates, but they tend to be high (50% to 75%). This article is only meant to provide an introduction to how to make money with ClickBank. So if you’d like to learn more specific methods to promote products and make sales as an affiliate of ClickBank, I suggest getting a free copy of my Power Tools For Affiliate Marketing guide at  

You don’t have to pick one method or the other to make money with ClickBank. You can use both methods to make money if you wish, with one or multiple ClickBank accounts. So, you see, ClickBank has set up a win-win dynamic for vendors and affiliates. Vendors are attracted to selling their products and making money with ClickBank because affiliates may promote their products at no charge. And affiliates are attracted to making money with ClickBank because they can select from many products to promote and they get paid generous commissions for sales.    

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