Free Methods To Optimize Your Email Marketing

Perhaps you've set up a sequence of emails to your subscribers but you'd like to increase the open rate, clickthrough rate, or sales rate of your emails. Well, here are several free, proven methods you can use to accomplish that. I actually wrote the bulk of this article as an answer to a fellow private forum member's question about how to optimize his email marketing funnel. I've revised that answer to provide a better article to you here. So here you go:

Yes, you could add more emails to the end of your email autoresponder sequence. But here are some other tips in no particular order:

Hopefully you already know well enough not to just send your subscribers emails pitching products. Hopefully you send them mostly free, valuable content with no sales pitch. But do you also send them some emails that are nothing more than sales pitches? I know I don't like receiving emails that are only trying to sell me something—especially when I didn't ask for that. Do you like receiving such hard sell emails? Does anyone? I doubt it. And with those emails the FTC requires you to mark them conspicuously as an advertisement for that product. So a different approach I've used is a soft sell email. Basically, I use it to mainly provide information, insight or value to the subscriber which leads into a very brief pitch at the end for a product. If the beginning and bulk of the email message is providing free value to the reader I think that will generally be welcomed by more readers and the FTC doesn't require you to mark it as an ad. Rather than a pitch at the end you could also provide them with a link to your review of a relevant product that would provide more benefit to them than the email did.

To optimize your funnel, one main way is to increase your email open rates. And that's mainly done by optimizing the email subject line. Three emails with identical content may get very different open rates simply because their subject lines are different. So split test some subject lines. Use the best-performing email subject line as the one you add to your autoresponder sequence.

Then there's the clickthrough rate for your emails. That's not so much about the subject line as it is about the content. So make sure it's obvious, easy, and attractive for readers to click your links. You could provide more than one link. You could use various anchor text for the multiple links (some anchor text may work much better than the others). You could tell readers to click this link, click here to ..., or use similar commands. also lets you insert buttons into your emails that your readers can click. You can make the link's anchor text bold or enlarged. You get the idea, yes?

Also, you could try different text for the body of the email. Try shortening it or lengthening it. You could try shortening paragraphs to one or two sentences.

Proofread and proofclick your emails. (I just made up that term.) ;-) Subscribe to your email sequence and click your links to make sure they work!

You could replace the emails that have low open rates. Also consider the possibility that perhaps those emails are good but they're just more relevant to a smaller section of your subscribers.

To increase your sales rate, offer them a bonus with their purchase that they'll only receive if they use your link to buy. How you deliver the bonus is up to you but I'm sure you can figure out a way. also offers the ability to send your subscribers a survey. You could survey them to determine if they're also interested in hearing from you about X, Y, or Z topic. If you get answers back, that way you'd know to send those subscribers content on the other topics they're interested in. If that's of interest to you, Getresponse has tutorials on surveys and pretty much everything else. 

Also, offers the autoresponder function as well as what they call "automation workflows" which are like a more versatile, super-powered version of an autoresponder. I use their automation workflows function. It's fantastic. If you haven't already, look into it. If you'd like to check out as an email marketing and email autoresponder service, we both get a credit for our accounts if you use this link.

Using a different front end for your funnel might make for improvement, too. In other words, if you've been using Facebook ads to get those email subscribers, try a different ad or different targeting. That will definitely get you different results. Or try a different platform altogether! Maybe try Bing ads or free methods. Those will get you different subscribers who will react differently to your email sequence. But make sure you use separate landing pages and separate email campaigns tied to one specific ad campaign or source. If you don't track your results like that you won't know what's working and what's not!

Also examine the demographics of your subscribers if you can. I was running an ad campaign targeting people in the U.S.A., U.K., Canada, and Australia. After a while I realized that the only sales I was getting were from my U.S.A. subscribers. So simply by lowering my bids for those other countries and raising my bid for U.S.A. subscribers I was able to dramatically lower my cost while increasing my sales conversion rates. Bam! So think about how you could act on such data in your funnel. One caveat: don't act on data too early. If you only have a little data, drawing conclusions based on little data might be premature and inaccurate. So be patient before drawing conclusions.

Final idea: add urgency to your email pitches or offers to boost interest and response. Maybe there's a deadline you set or perhaps only the first 20 respondents get XXXX. Think about it.

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