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As I mention in my below video review of ClickBank Builder, there are a number of ClickBank Builder alternatives. I've set up this page to serve as a resource for those seeking alternatives to ClickBank Builder. If you go about using these or other resources with some consideration, you can spend far less money on ClickBank Builder alternatives while getting far more functionality, versatility, and monetization options than you get with ClickBank Builder. So please continue reading below this video for those alternatives and some of my experiences with them.


Independent Web Site Hosting

ClickBank Builder comes with hosting for your Web site(s). But as an alternative to ClickBank Builder, there are many companies that will host your Web sites for you. I discuss my experiences and tips for choosing a good Web site host in my other article on that.

PHP Script or WordPress plugin for selling products via ClickBank

The toughest stumbling block I ran into when attempting to sell my own products via ClickBank was getting their system to work with my Web site. You have to use a programming language called PHP. I didn't and still don't understand that. ClickBank Builder handles this for you without your having to understand or use PHP. But there are ClickBank Builder alternatives that also handle the PHP for you, as I describe here.

Fortunately I was able to find some inexpensive ClickBank Builder alternatives to handle the PHP. The first one I used was a PHP script (just a bunch of files) I could easily install in my Web site for this purpose. It works great and I don't even have to understand how it works. You can read my review of that PHP script product on this other page of my site.

Eventually, though, I moved on from using that inexpensive PHP script to using a Wordpress plugin for creating membership sites. The WordPress plugin I use has far more extensive capabilities and customization options than that PHP script did. 

There are quite a number of WordPress plugins for sale that enable you to create membership sites, but not all of them work with ClickBank. The one I settled on was InstaMember. It's created and supported by the same team that created the excellent plugin InstaBuilder for creating Web sites I discuss further below. I chose InstaMember from the other WordPress plugins for membership sites because it:

  1. Provides pretty much all the functions you'd want in a membership site
  2. Was less expensive than competing WordPress plugins for membership sites
  3. Lets you use it for one time purchases or subscriptions/memberships
  4. Integrates with ClickBank as well as JVZoo and a wide range of other payment services and affiliate networks
  5. Automatically adds your customers to your list in various email marketing services, including GetResponse and many others
  6. Lets you sell virtually unlimited products and upsells
  7. Has extensive written and video tutorials and good tech support

If you'd like to to check out InstaMember at their site, you can click here.

Email Marketing / Autoresponder Services

If you want to use an email marketing and email autoresponder service as they suggest in ClickBank University, you're going to have to obtain that separately. That's true whether you use ClickBank Builder or whether you use these ClickBank Builder alternatives. 

I used SendinBlue for several months and was pleased with them and their service. They provide a lot of service and value at a much lower cost than similar services. But when you use such a service and build up to sending thousands of emails to your subscribers each month, eventually you'll get an occasional spam complaint from a subscriber, even if it's unjustified. That goes with the territory. SendinBlue didn't have a sensible way of handling such spam complaints, though. They lowered my hourly email limit to an unworkable level simply in response to one meritless spam complaint. That was unacceptable to me, so I had to consider other providers.

After considering the functionality, price, customer service, features, and other factors of email marketing service providers, I settled on They have a very user-friendly interface and lots of easy-to-understand text and video tutorials to teach you everything you'd want to know. Other features include online surveys, inbox preview, autoresponder, landing pages, and social networking integration. I've found their 24/7 support by chat to be fantastic and always competent. You get a lot of bang for your buck at a lower cost than I personally love using their Automation workflows, which are like a more powerful and sophisticated version of conventional email autoresponders. I've been thrilled with GetResponse. If you use this link to sign up we both eventually get a $30 credit for our accounts. 

Creating Web Pages

If you don't use ClickBank Builder, you'll need some alternative method to create Web pages. There are various ways to go about this. A user-friendly and commonly used approach is to use WordPress. WordPress is essentially a tool used to create and manage websites. A totally free guide and set of resources for learning and using WordPress is at If you find that you could also use instruction in using computers; Windows or Macintosh operating systems; the Internet; email, or related subjects, then you can also get free online instruction in such topics at

WordPress enables you to use what are called plugins. Plugins are essentially software (much of which is free) that adds specific functions and features to your WordPress Web site. 

If you're agreeable to paying for a WordPress plugin, I have been absolutely delighted with InstaBuilder 2.0. It could be used for an "affiliate" site but it also comes with many various great-looking templates for sales pages, opt-in pages, affiliate pages, and more. 

InstaMember versus Instabuilder 2.0

On this page I discuss and suggest the two different WordPress plugins InstaMember and InstaBuilder 2.0. If you're not sure which is appropriate for you, hopefully this will clear things up a bit.

InstaBuilder 2.0 enables you to create great Web pages with all the latest Internet marketing features and functions (well beyond what ClickBank Builder provides). So I'd generally suggest InstaBuilder 2.0 for both affiliates and vendors (people selling their own products). 

InstaMember's different. It doesn't create Web pages. It's for getting your Web site to work with ClickBank's and other payment processors' systems so you can sell your own products. So if you're strictly an affiliate, you don't need InstaMember. But if you're a vendor, you would need InstaMember and I'd also suggest InstaBuilder 2.0, too.

InstaBuilder 2.0 is intuitive to use; is feature-rich; comes with great bonus materials, training videos, and a user manual; and their support has even been good. It enables you to create all sorts of Web pages that are much better-looking than any of the Web pages I've seen created by ClickBank Builder. For example, I created this Web page and this site with InstaBuilder 2.0. It offers far more features than I even bothered to use on this site, though many of them are quite useful and great for Internet marketers. It's one of the few software products for Internet marketers that lives up to its big sales pitch and it's been one of the best investments I've made. As a ClickBank Builder alternative, I'd say InstaBuilder 2.0 has been the main key that enables me to create Web pages far superior to ClickBank Builder's.


ClickFunnels and LeadPages are rip-offs

Though in this article I focused on these other products and services that serve as more flexible, powerful, and inexpensive alternatives to ClickBank Builder, perhaps I should mention something else. In the last couple of years I've seen a lot of my fellow Internet marketers and ClickBank University members fall for the services LeadPages or ClickFunnels. Unlike many of the other products and services I specify in this article, LeadPages and ClickFunnels are subscription-based. They provide a lot of the functionality of the software and services I explain above, but all of their service (email, Web pages, etc.) stops working as soon as you stop paying. And they're ridiculously expensive—you'd be overpaying by hundreds or thousands of dollars a year.

Don't be misled by ClickFunnels' sales pitch. As of this writing, they have this absurd claim on their site implying that their service will save you over $1,000 a month compared to purchasing these other services separately. Here's their claim about costs versus what the true costs are :

ClickFunnels' claim

  1. Website hosting costs: $150 or more per month
  2. Landing page software: $97 per month
  3. Email Autoresponder Software: $500 or more a month
  4. Split Testing Software: $197 a month
  5. Affiliate Tracking Software: $497 per month
  6. Programmers: $80,000 a year
  7. Designers: $50,000 a year

The reality

  1. My Website hosting costs me less than $10/month
  2. My "landing page software" is InstaBuilder 2.0, which cost me a one time payment of less than $100 (not $97 a month!)
  3. My email autoresponder provider is GetResponse, which costs me less than $200 per year, not $500 per month. (And GetResponse provides far more email functionality and benefits than ClickFunnels' standard service!)
  4. I don't need "split testing software." It's built into InstaBuilder 2.0!
  5. $497 a month for "affiliate tracking software"?? Why bother! Affiliate networks like ClickBank and JVZoo track your affiliates for you for free. And if I really want to manage my affiliates, InstaMember enables me to do that.
  6. Programmers for $80,000 a year?? Using the services I listed above, I've never paid a programmer even $1.
  7. Designers? I easily design and create my own fantastic landing and sales pages with InstaBuilder 2.0!

So don't be fooled by ClickFunnels or LeadPages. They're for newbies who don't realize (or don't care) that they're being ripped off.

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