ClickBank University Review

2019 UPDATE:

I have been an active member of ClickBank University and ClickBank University 2.0 for years now.

I have updated the below review to include my commentary on both the original CBU and CBU 2.0. The first portion is on the original CBU and the bottom portion is on CBU 2.0. and its Forum.

Here's my review of the original ClickBank University. I hereby declare this to be the most thorough, balanced, insightful, and just absolute best review of ClickBank University in existence. ;-) I've been a member of ClickBank University for over a year now; viewed all of their training materials; and interacted a good deal with their instructors and my fellow members. So I can provide a balanced, complete review at this point. I'll endeavor to cover both the pros and cons of ClickBank University.  

First, perhaps I should note that ClickBank University's training is effective and suitable for both those new to Internet marketing and ClickBank, as well as for those who are already familiar with those topics. If you're unfamiliar with affiliate marketing and ClickBank, ClickBank University will review those basics and bring you up to speed quickly and easily. And if you're already experienced with selling digital products online and/or affiliate marketing, ClickBank University offers such a wealth of knowledge and insights that it is likely to provide value to you, as well.  

The instructors in ClickBank University, Justin Atlan and Adam Horwitz, appear in most of the training videos and they also run the weekly webinars. Justin and Adam speak from much success as vendors and affiliates via ClickBank. About the only points for which I could fault them would be their overuse of superlatives like “totally” and “awesome” and their occasional sloppiness in their presentations in the training videos. But those are relatively minor flaws. I’d say their tremendous knowledge of how to succeed with ClickBank and their generally effective and inspiring delivery more than make up for their occasional lack of polish.   My review of ClickBank University certainly wouldn’t be complete without noting that—at the time of this review, at least—one perk of being a ClickBank University member is that you’re entitled to free activation of your product on ClickBank. Without that perk, ClickBank currently charges a fee of $49.95 to activate your first product. That’s almost the same price as ClickBank University membership currently costs, so that’s some substantial value right there.  

Once you log into ClickBank University, you’re presented with this horizontal navigation menu. 

From that menu you can go to one of several sections of their site. Those individual sections of their site vary considerably in their value to the student, so I’ll review them individually below. They have their Orientation section of the site, which is a good place to start off. There is also the New section of ClickBank University, which provides some good content and giveaways exclusive to ClickBank University.  

Then there’s the Builder section of the ClickBank University site. ClickBank Builder is a service that they try to get you to buy once you sign up for ClickBank University. They pitch ClickBank Builder a lot and tie it into their webinars frequently, even if you didn’t buy or want ClickBank Builder. ClickBank Builder, if you’re not familiar with it, is their service you can use to build simple Web sites to sell products via ClickBank. But they currently charge a hefty $297 per year for that service. And given that you can get equivalent or better software and web hosting services from other providers for less than half that amount, ClickBank Builder doesn’t seem to be the great bargain they claim it is. I’m glad I didn’t buy into that. So consider this part of my review a forewarning. You can view my video review of ClickBank Builder and its alternatives here if you like.  

ClickBank University holds weekly webinars in which you can participate. I have found the webinars to be informative and insightful. I’ve been able to submit my questions via the chat feature and have gotten good, helpful responses from Adam and Justin during dozens of the webinars. Under the Class section of the ClickBank University site, you can sign up for upcoming webinars as well as review their prior webinars—every one of which they record and make available for your review.  

In the Vendors section of the ClickBank University Web site, they provide training for selling your products via ClickBank. They cover pretty much everything you need to know as well as some stuff you probably weren’t aware that there was to know. Here’s a view of the Vendor section’s submenus, which gives you an idea of the topics they cover. 

Just bear in mind that—like the Affiliates section—they only make one new subsection of training materials available to new students each week. So it takes several weeks before all the subsections become available for your review.  

In the Affiliates section, ClickBank University provides thorough training for selling other vendors' products as an affiliate. Like the training for Vendors, the training for Affiliates is informative and insightful. I learned a good deal in both areas.  

ClickBank University’s Talks section is a goldmine. It includes presentations and tips from as well as interviews with top ClickBank vendors. They include their inspiring success stories as well as potent insights and tips not found elsewhere. I took a lot of great notes from the Talks.  

ClickBank University also has its Community section, which is essentially a forum for members to share tips and advice. This is not where ClickBank University shines and it’s one of the lowlights I’d note in this review. Most of the posts in the Community section and elsewhere are valueless and many are annoying. There are some rare gems in there, but clearly most members who write posts anywhere in ClickBank University’s site are twits. So don’t expect to get much from them.


They also have an Advanced section in ClickBank University, which is their way of charging you even more to access other training. Initially I found that objectionable, as I thought that content should have simply been included in your ClickBank University membership. But I ended up buying that Advanced curriculum, too, and I was glad that I did. It was worth it. They really go into some great insights and clever techniques there that are well beyond basic. So I ended up being very pleased with my additional purchase.  


To summarize this review of ClickBank University, I’d say that there are some sloppiness, garbage, and annoyances you will likely encounter. But there is also a great deal of fairly well-organized, insightful training and materials to be had. The weekly webinars with the instructors in which you can get your questions answered are priceless. And I don’t see other true Universities offering money back guarantees like ClickBank University does. There’s not much to lose and a lot to potentially gain, I’d say.

December 2015 Update: ClickBank University has created a closed group on FaceBook for their ClickBank University students. They intend for it to replace the forum on ClickBank University's site. I've not been too pleased with it. The new FaceBook group is arguably worse than the forum was. At least in the forum you could find some good topics and threads. In this new FaceBook group it's a disorganized mess and the majority of it is either spam or just valueless crap. April 2016 update: A new moderator (Will Flynn) has joined the FaceBook group and over the past few months he has contributed a lot of fantastic, insightful, substantive posts and materials. He's also provided some great answers and feedback to other members' posts. Spam has also decreased. So this group has improved a bit in recent months. On a semi-related note, I'll mention here that if it wasn't for ClickBank University's instruction, I don't think I would have achieved the sales I have this year—both as a vendor and an affiliate. 

My ClickBank University 2.0 review is below

August 2016 update: They launched ClickBank University 2.0 recently, which is a different site with entirely different instructional materials than the original CBU. The lessons are more comprehensive and insightful than the original CBU's. So CBU 2.0 does provide more value. Click on this sentence to check out the new ClickBank University 2.0.

They also have an advanced section of CBU 2.0 that you have to pay extra to access. Not all of its materials or lessons are good. Some are inaccurate or lousy, like the lessons on SEO (search engine optimization). But there are other modules and lessons in there that are very insightful, accurate, and excellent. I particularly like their modules on copywriting for emails and using YouTube both for free and using YouTube's paid ads. So I found their advanced section a mixed bag but worthwhile overall.

Another component of CBU 2.0 is the weekly webinars; otherwise known as Live Q & A. Those are priceless, as you get to ask Justin and Adam your questions live in weekly webinars. They provide honest, insightful, helpful answers based on plenty of experience. 

February 2017 update: Since the CBU FaceBook group had become rubbish and filled with spammers and scammers and non-CBU members last year, I repeatedly asked CBU to create a separate forum that only CBU members could access. I suggested a lot of features and functions the forum should ideally have. And in January 2017 they finally launched such a forum within CBU 2.0. It is very well-designed and has a lot of potential. 

I've contributed a lot to the new CBU 2.0 Forum in its first couple of months. In fact, I'm the top contributor out of all the members and even the CBU staff. But I've been disappointed to see that there aren't other members contributing anything of value. A lot of CBU 2.0 members have joined the Forum. But virtually none of them are contributing. They're pretty much all just posting requests for others to inform, instruct, assist, and guide them. Many of them haven't even completed the CBU 2.0 curriculum, so they don't have the knowledge or experience to participate in a quality way in the Forum. 

The CBU 2.0 Forum is well-designed and has a lot of potential to add value to CBU 2.0 membership. But the Forum has rapidly filled up with members solely focused on getting and taking rather than contributing value. So don't expect to find much insight or value in there as of now.

May 7, 2017 update: Alas, though the CBU Forum had a lot of potential, it has been neglected by CBU staff and overrun by clueless CBU members the last few months. The CBU instructors and staff haven't participated much in the Forum or responded to ongoing problems with it or CBU. Though there are a few posts by more competent CBU members in the Forum, they comprise probably less than 2% of the posts in the Forum. The rest are mostly ClickBank beginners asking unintelligible or off-topic questions about ClickBank, CBU, or other platforms. So the main value remains in the CBU lessons themselves and the CBU weekly webinars. The comments section underneath the CBU lessons and the CBU Forum have been pretty much abandoned by CBU staff other than a quick visit a couple of times a month.

CBU has apparently decided to keep the CBU FaceBook group running, despite it being riddled with junk, scams, and non-CBU members. Unsuspecting group members are regularly duped and scammed by other unscrupulous members who don't even belong to CBU. CBU staff have been aware of the poor quality and integrity of the group. They recently changed the group's status from Closed to Secret on FaceBook, which doesn't do anything to clean it up. The scammers and predators are still in the group and can still add anyone else to the FaceBook group without their belonging to CBU. At this point I can't fathom why CBU hasn't completly shut down the FaceBook group, as it provides far less value to CBU members than the CBU Forum does and is nothing but a disservice to members. So I'd advise you to stay out of the FaceBook group.

April 26, 2018: So far this year the CBU Forum has been pretty much valueless. CBU staff have not participated in it to any significant degree. And virtually all of the new discussions posted are by newbies asking questions that have already been answered in CBU's lessons or in the Forum. 

CBU 2.0 remains a good introduction to becoming a vendor or affiliate of ClickBank. But since it was launched a couple of years ago, it has not been developed into something beneficial for advanced vendors or affiliates. 

June 1, 2018: The CBU Forum has taken an ugly turn for the worse. Some Forum members have posted scams and others have posted plagiarized content. When I and others reported this to CBU, they did nothing about it. So other unuspecting Forum members are still falling for the scam and plagiarized content.

When I and another top contributor flagged that inappropriate content, the plagiarist sent us an insulting, profane private message via the Forum. I forwarded and reported that to multiple CBU staff. Their response? Nothing. They dismissed it and left that abusive member in the Forum. And a CBU staff member even went further and sent me an unprofessional email scolding me for nonsense.

CBU staff and instructors have essentially abandoned the Forum this year. There have been only a few comments or contributions from staff or instructors all year. Basically, I and other top contributors have been doing CBU staff's work unpaid while the CBU instructors and staff reaped the profits of our unpaid efforts. So this negligence on the part of CBU staff and that staff member's unprofessional abuse has left me disinclined to continue contributing to the Forum. And unfortunately, that ungrateful, unprofessional, and sometimes abusive attitude is typical of ClickBank staff (not the CBU instructors, though). It's at the root of why many people justifiably criticize ClickBank. Have you had similar experiences? Or did you get some insights from this? If so, comment below and let me know.

July 26, 2019: In recent months, ClickBank University 2.0 has added a new feature that adds value for intermediate and advanced students: special guest instructors in their CBU webinars. For the last couple of months the weekly CBU webinars have alternated between standard question and answer format with the ClickBank University instructors Adam and Justin and webinars on new topics taught by special guests. These special topic webinars have been a goldmine of new insights and resources. Even though I'm very experienced as a ClickBank vendor and affiliate at this point, I have even found these recent special topic webinars insightful and empowering. I have pasted a screenshot below of these "Mini-Courses With The Pros" as they call them. They have regularly recorded and uploaded these insightful presentations within CBU 2.0, which you get full access to when you join CBU 2.0.

The CBU Forum, though, remains neglected. CBU instructors and staff have pretty much abandoned the Forum. And most of the new discussions posted are repeats of the same tired old, "How do I get started?" or "I'm confused (and clearly don't know English)."

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