Choosing A Web Site Hosting Provider

You want your Web site to load quickly and reliably for visitors. And you want the company hosting your Web site to provide competent, reliable support. Most Web site hosting providers don't accomplish that. So here are my experiences and tips for choosing a Web site host that does well in both of those respects at a modest price.

Even if you are planning to only host a wordpress site, don't buy the "wordpress hosting" packages. They are limiting and there are many things that you cannot access. At a minimum, get a Web hosting plan that includes cPanel access and access to their technical support seven days a week. From cPanel you can install WordPress for your Web site on your own, which is generally easy to do. I discuss WordPress further below.

I used Network Solutions for several years but eventually became disgusted with them. They'd require me to call them (not email or chat with them) and I'd have to hold for long periods of time to speak with someone. And their support was often incompetent.

I switched to using and had been satisfied with them for several years. They charged less than Network Solutions and I found their service is better than Network Solutions' was... until 2016 or 2017, when my sites would sometimes go down for no apparent reason. I'd have to contact Arvixe tech support to get them back up. Then in August 2018 I encountered a problem with the email portion of their hosting and needed to contact their technical support. But guess what I encountered when I attempted to contact them? Their support chat function kept giving me an error message even when I was logged into my account. So I could not contact them via chat. And when I looked for their phone number I encountered this rather disingenuous message, "In order to provide you the best possible support, we will be discontinuing phone support and moving all support to Live Chat. Start a chat with our friendly support team at" So that was the end of my use or recommendation of 

Fellow Internet marketers had a similar story to tell about how had provided good Web hosting years ago but then their customer service turned terrible. Ironically, PC Magazine gave Hostgator their PC Magazine's Editors' Choice award in 2016. Thus, I don't trust PC Magazine's reviews of Web hosts anymore. is commonly suggested for registering domain names and they may be fine for that. But I've heard bad things about their Web hosting tech support. I'd stay away from them for Web hosting. 

I was curious why Hostgator and Arvixe took a turn for the worse and became so unacceptable. I learned in ReviewHell's article that it was likely due to those companies being acquired by Endurance International Group (EIG).

I also learned from that insightful article that there a number of Web hosting companies (not owned by EIG) that do provide good shared Web hosting service. From that article I learned of and switched my Web sites over to one of their "Cloud Hosting" (otherwise known as shared hosting) plans. I'm so glad I did.

When I first chatted with MDDhosting's tech support, I immediately recognized it was superior to any tech support I had received at prior Web hosts in four obvious ways:

  1. A tech support rep joined the chat immediately, not 20 minutes after I opened the chat.
  2. The rep replied to my messages within seconds, not ten minutes after each message.
  3. The rep was competent (how astonishing!)
  4. The rep was fluent in English (how unusual!)

The chat rep had me open a support ticket to have them copy my Web sites' contents from my current host to them via a cPanel to cPanel transfer. To my shock they completed that task within minutes of my opening the ticket! I had never experienced such great service from a Web hosting service provider before. I've been very pleased with MDDhosting's service and can comfortably recommend it.

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