Best WordPress Plugins For Internet Marketing

I have used, disliked, uninstalled, cursed, and loved a variety of WordPress plugins. I finally settled on what I consider some of the best WordPress plugins for Internet marketing. So hopefully in this article I'll help you discover some features and functions that WordPress plugins can add to your site for Internet marketing. And hopefully I'll save you some time as well as get you better results with your WordPress site.

Frankly, when I had the idea for this article, it occurred to me to search for other web pages on the same topic. What I found disgusted me. I found a long web page with a long list of WordPress plugins for Internet marketing that the author clearly does not use. His descriptions of the plugins were short, often just repeated the plugin developers' own boring statements, and provided little to no insight from the author's actual use of the plugin. I despise that kind of insincere, empty crap that seems to be common in this niche.

So I won't be giving you any of that empty crap in this article on my favorite WordPress plugins for Internet marketing--or anywhere else on this site.

Instead, in this article on my favorite WordPress plugins for Internet marketing I will endeavor to pack it with value for you by:

  • Only recommending WordPress plugins I actually use and like
  • Also covering other competing WordPress plugins I have used and explaining why I discarded them
  • Emphasizing free WordPress plugins to save you money but also recommending paid plugins when they're worthwhile
  • Only recommending WordPress plugins for Internet marketing that have worked well and whose support has been decent when applicable
  • Sharing my actual experiences with the plugins as well as any tips I can provide on their use

So without further ado, here are my favorite WordPress plugins for Internet marketing:

Yoast SEO

I had been using All In One SEO plugin for search engine optimization, but found it didn't add much to WordPress's built in SEO options. So I didn't end up using that plugin much over time. Then I eventually learned of the Yoast SEO plugin. What drew me to it is that as you title and write your web page, the Yoast SEO plugin displays a simple, clear SEO analysis of your content. It gives you suggestions for improving the page's SEO for whatever keyword or phrase you specify. It's very convenient and user-friendly, even for beginner search engine optimizers.

Pretty Links

I love the Pretty Links plugin for WordPress and use it often. It enables you to quickly and easily create URL redirects or cloaked links. Though you could certainly use it for other purposes, what I often use it for is cloaking an affiliate link. So, if I have an affiliate link I'd use Pretty Links to create a neat link like and redirect it to the affiliate link. That way I can direct clickers to my affiliate link without displaying it.

Though you can pay for the premium version of Pretty Links that provides more advanced features, even the free version tracks clicks on your links.

InstaBuilder 2.0

I LOVE InstaBuilder 2.0. Yes, the all capital letters were deserved. I've been using InstaBuilder 2 for a fews years now and am still delighted by how versatile, powerful, and easy to use that it is. Its user guide, video tutorials, and support are great. And its developer keeps updating it with new features.

Though it is a WordPress plugin you have to pay for, it delivers so much value and capability for a relatively low price that I consider it a bargain. I've spent a lot of money on education, advertising, and products for Internet marketing, and InstaBuilder 2 has been one of my best investments.

It's difficult to explain in one sentence how much the InstaBuilder 2 plugin does for you. So I'll just start off by saying that it enables you to easily build super-effective web pages for Internet marketing purposes. But that short description doesn't do it justice.

It comes with many templates for sales and opt-in pages. But it's also a breeze to create your own persuasive pages that automatically display well on all of today's various mobile and desktop devices.

Just some of the many functions and features it enables you to add to a page include delaying the display of specific portions of your page; split-testing variations of your page (this is supremely important to optimizing your conversion rates); countdown timers (my testing showed a countdown timer substantially increased the opt-in rate); inserting scripts and codes (this is great for use with online ad campaigns); bars that grab attention by sitting or sliding in at the top or bottom of a page; embedding videos and images; pop up windows (even those clever ones that appear when the visitor is about to leave); custom image and video backgrounds; email and webinar sign up forms; buttons and various graphics; a variety of attention-grabbing animations for text and graphics; and on and on...

Bottom line: if you're open to using WordPress for your sites and want a terrifically versatile, powerful, user-friendly tool for creating top notch pages for Internet marketing, you ought to take a serious look at InstaBuilder 2. Click here to learn more and check out their informative, engaging sales pitch. Unlike a lot of Internet marketing products that are more hype than substance, InstaBuilder 2 truly lives up to its sales pitch.

Popup by Supsystic

The InstaBuilder 2 WordPress plugin I described above enables you to create just about any pop-up window you might want and so much more. But if you're not using InstaBuilder 2 for whatever reason, the plugin Popup by Supsystic is quite capable for a free plugin. Of course, it only creates pop up windows, so it doesn't provide you with the many other extensive capabilities of InstaBuilder 2.0.

It enables you to choose from various designs. You can add whatever text and forms you want in the pop-up window. You can specify where and when the window pops up, and more. If I'm not using InstaBuilder 2 on a particular page and I want a pop-up on that page, Popup by Supsystic is my go-to tool.

WordFence Security

A fellow Internet marketer told me that Google had removed his site from their index because they detected malware on his site. He certainly hadn't put malware on his site and he had no idea how it got there—or how to fix the problem.

He was using WordPress for his site, as I like to do with mine. I suggested he consider the WordPress plugin WordFence. It performs various security functions for your site.

He installed and activated the free version of WordFence. And to our mutual relief, it eliminated the malware and satisfied Google!

Don't wait until your site has been hacked. That could be disastrous. Install WordFence as a precaution. Like me, you may be surprised to see the numerous, ongoing hacking attempts it shows you.


Admittedly, I don't use the SumoMe plugin as much as I used to. But that's not because SumoMe isn't a useful, free plugin for internet marketing. It is. It's just that the InstaBuilder 2 plugin and GetResponse email marketing service I use are so powerful and feature-packed that I don't need to use SumoMe much anymore.

Nonetheless, SumoMe is a versatile WordPress plugin for Internet marketing that could be useful if you don't use those or equivalent services. Even its free version offers fairly capable tools for getting your visitors to take actions and connect with you via email and social media.

Site Kit by Google

This plugin basically enables you to conveniently get all you can from Google in one place. It's an easy way to install Google products on your site.

You can verify site ownership through Search Console simply and easily—no need to deal with code. 

View Google's statistics on your site. 

Google Search Console, Google Analytics, PageSpeed Insights, AdSense are all combined into a single dashboard. 

UpraftPlus - Backup/Restore

If something goes wrong with your website, you need to have a backup of a prior version of your website. If you don't store backups of your website periodically, the day will likely come when your website is screwed and you can't fix it.

That's where the UpraftPlus - Backup/Restore plugin comes in. Once you set it up by giving it somewhere to store the backup data, it will store backups of your website on the schedule you specify. Then it will just do its job while you go on about your Internet marketing work. And if your website is ever in trouble, you can have this plugin restore your website to a prior version.


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