Beating Spam Filters

An otherwise great email marketing campaign can be sabotaged by spam filters. Here's how I beat spam filters. I originally posted this article on beating spam filters in the private ClickBank University 2.0 Forum. I've revised it to best serve you here.

I had set up an effective ad campaign that was getting me very targeted email subscribers at a good, low price. I had a sequence of emails that I had my email marketing service provider automatically send to them. And a significant percentage of those subscribers were buying my product.

But eventually I noticed that those emails were not getting opened much by new subscribers. I hadn't changed anything about the emails, the ad campaign, or anything else. But the emails' open rate and clickthrough rate had dropped dramatically. I was concerned.

Then one of those email subscribers emailed me to tell me that he had received the third email message but not the first two. I became suspicious. I examined my email statistics and it seemed like subscribers with email addresses (which was many of them) weren't opening my messages. So I sent one of those email messages as a test to my email address. And where did it go? Into my account's Spam folder! AARGH! >:-(

No wonder my subscribers weren't opening my messages—they weren't even seeing them! I was mad that's spam filter was mishandling my email messages and hiding them from my subscribers. I knew my messages were not spam. I was careful to adhere to good email practices to keep my messages from being mis-identified as spam. But as this article on ISP's varying spam filters explains, there are various factors that determine whether emails are grabbed by spam filters. And you can't control or predict all of those.

So to help prevent such spam filters from sabotaging my email campaigns going forward regardless of factors beyond my control, I revised the Web page to which new email subscribers are redirected after opting-in. (This is often referred to as the "thank you" page.) Instead of immediately providing a welcome video from me and some bonus materials to the new subscriber on that page as I had previously done, I put that portion of the Web page on a time delay. I added a new portion of the Web page that instructs the new subscriber to ensure their friggin' spam filter doesn't hide my messages from them. It is shown to them immediately while the other portion of the Web page is delayed a bit. Here's the numbered list in the portion of the page that new subscribers immediately see:

  1. Add my email address to your email application's address book or contacts list. That should increase the chances you'll receive my email lessons.
  2. If my first lesson from me (Health Guru Mike) is not in your email inbox within a few minutes, check your spam or junk folder in case it was filtered there by mistake. If the email is in your spam or junk folder, be sure to mark it as “not spam.” This will help to ensure that you won’t miss my upcoming emails.

  3. If you still don't see my email message today, contact me using the link in the below navigation menu.

This is just one simple, easy method I'm using to beat spam filters. I hope it helps you in beating spam filters, too.

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