Welcome to my blog on ClickBank. My name's Mike. Hence, I call this site Mike's ClickBank Blog. ;-) I created this site based on my experience with ClickBank to help others succeed as vendors or affiliates of ClickBank. If you're following me so far, allow me to elaborate:

Though my main income's been from my consulting business, I've also been selling related digital documents online for several years. I've been shifting to making more of my income passively. In the last few years I have delved into affiliate marketing. Initially the only affiliate marketing I did was via Amazon.com's program. A few years ago I read of ClickBank.com and how you could make a lot of money selling digital products via that site. 

So I created a ClickBank account and took a look at its marketplace in which it lists the products its vendors are selling. And I saw this ugly mess I've displayed here (it may appear to the right or below this text):

I mean, really. It was 2014 and they were displaying a pathetic, unappealing mash of gobbledy gook like that. 

I was unimpressed and dismissed ClickBank at that time... My perspective has shifted since then. Here's why.

In early 2015 I learned of ClickBank University, which is Clickbank's own official online training program to teach you to succeed as a vendor or affiliate of ClickBank. Yes, there are other Web pages, videos, and even affiliate marketing courses you can find online. But ClickBank University is the only one actually created and run by ClickBank staff. So they know their stuff. I joined ClickBank University and happily absorbed all their lessons and materials. It was insightful, practical, and encouraging. 

A lot's happened between me and ClickBank since then. I found there was a lot to learn about affiliate marketing and a lot to learn about succeeding as a vendor or affiliate of ClickBank. I learned a good deal of it the easy way: reading lessons and articles; watching the video lessons in ClickBank University and ClickBank University 2.0 they launched in 2016; participating in ClickBank University's priceless question & answer webinars, etc. But I also learned a lot the hard way (i.e. exploration, researching, trial and error, cussing, etc.).

So in this blog I'll convey some of that wisdom to you. Though I may cover some beginner-level concepts, I'll particularly emphasize the lesser-known and advanced methods, solutions, principles, and techniques you won't come upon that often. I'll endeavor to create the sort of site that I wish I had come upon when I was learning about affiliate marketing and ClickBank. In short, I want to make it easier for you than it was for me. Experienced marketers may even find some nuggets here that boost their results.

Though I'll likely include some affiliate links to products I've used, I'm not into promoting products in a dishonest fashion. I prefer to be authentic in my experiences and opinions, and balanced in my reviews. By being sincere I'm not only more comfortable with myself, I figure it also garners your trust, which is a win for both of us.

Whoever you are and whatever you've got going on, I hope my site on succeeding via ClickBank is of insight and benefit to you.  And I wish you the best with your online business endeavors. :-)

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